Every week we post a new poem that we believe will resonate with readers. These poems take us more deeply into the experience of our everyday lives, and ask us to pay closer attention to the world at hand, no matter how it appears. We hold an admitted bias for poems that are accessible to a wider audience, and we hope that The Singing Bowl can be at least one venue where readers can always count on finding poems they can understand. Ultimately, though, we hope the poems, and the short essays that accompany them, will help light the way for anyone on the spiritual path—even if you don’t consider yourself religious or spiritual. And if you feel moved to do so, please feel free to share these weekly columns with others who might also be interested.

We regret that we cannot accept individual submissions from authors at this time, since the bulk of our poems are drawn from work that has been previously published. We do, however, welcome comments, so please email us anytime, or find us on social media. We look forward to continuing the conversation.

About the Editor


James Crews is the author of a poetry collection, The Book of What Stays, winner of the 2010 Prairie Schooner Book Prize and a Foreword Magazine Book of the Year Award. He is also editor of the forthcoming, Poems for the Earth, an anthology of poetry that explores consciousness within the environment. Recent work appears in Ploughshares, New Republic, Raleigh Review, and other journals, and he is a regular contributor to the (London) Times Literary Supplement. He lives in Providence, Rhode Island.