Monthly Archives: May 2022

“Like a Sudden Bride”

Pear Blossoms

by James Crews

They’ll last for just a week or so at best,
these pear trees that have burst into wild
and riotous blossom on a neighboring street
after several nights of rain. They have opened
the doors of themselves so wide, you could
almost live inside if you were lucky enough
to be a bee, rolling around in that hidden gold,
rich and carefree for a day. But the look 
of them alone is enough to make me turn back
and walk this same street twice, as if I had
nothing better to do, letting my ball cap brush
against the lowest branches so a second storm
of rainwater sprinkles down on me, and I 
step like a sudden bride on white petals
strewn everywhere at my feet.

Invitation for Writing & Reflection: Describe a time when you felt “married to amazement,” as Mary Oliver put it so well, and you were lifted out of difficulty even for a brief time.