Monthly Archives: January 2023

To Move Forward

Human Being

by James Crews

The human part of us
wants and needs and breaks,
but the being part sees
beyond the body’s aching
joints and joyful noises
to the open road ahead.
The gravel is covered
in a fine layer of snow
and ice with the white sun
shining through a tunnel
of pines like the unblinking
eye of the source.

The human part of us
knows that if we keep going
we will slip and slide
and fall down endlessly,
but the being part says
so what? and pushes us
onward toward the light,
since it knows there is
no way but to move
forward, step by step
in our heavy boots.

Invitation: Can you recall a time when you felt the being part of you speaking to the human part, when you felt aligned and whole? Describe what it felt like on a physical level to lose yourself in some creative task or chore that you deeply enjoy. How might you find the creativity in any act, no matter how mundane it seems?