Enter the Space

Natural Portals

by Patrícia Dias

Enter the space between rosemary bushes,
pass under the pear tree branch yielding fruit,
go through the bending singing reeds,
lie under the long trusting arms of the ancient oak tree.
All these doors inviting you, no hinges to close.

Patrícia Dias is a Portuguese author. She was a journalist for Emigration newspaper and Franchise Magazine and then co-author of a book on near-death experiences. She wrote the biography of one of the first women in Portuguese radio and TV, as well as her own biography on living with an eating disorder for a decade. She’s married with 2 kids and author of an award-winning essay on creating an inter-generational breastfeeding culture. In 2022 she launched her first poetry book, one of the eight winners of Lisbon’s Poetry Festival’s “Contemporary Collection”. Yearning to bring together a community of creative people, she leads writing circles and retreats at her countryside home, in Bombarral.

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