“Moment of Marvel”


by Cindy Gregg

On this first day of November

it is cold as a cave,

the sky the color

of neutral third parties.

I am cutting carrots

for the chicken soup.

Knife against carrot

again and again

sends a plop of pennies

into the pan.

These cents,

when held to the gray light,

hold no noble president,

only stills

of some kaleidoscope

caught being pensive…

and beautiful,

in the eye of this beholder,

who did not expect

this moment of marvel

while making an early supper

for the hungry children.

From Suddenly Autumn. © 2010 Cindy Gregg published by Wordplay Press.

I’ve been thinking lately about the power each of us possesses to bring wonder and awe to the everyday, ordinary things in our lives. Sometimes, of course, this marvel happens on its own, in an unexpected moment of presence, on what can seem a very plain and undistinguished day. But so often, we have the ability to make amazement a practice in our daily lives, actively transforming the moments as they arrive into something worthy of keeping and returning to over and over in our hearts and minds later on. Cindy Gregg does just that on an otherwise gray and gloomy day at the start of November, turning carrots into “pennies” and “kaleidoscopes,” generating unexpected beauty while fulfilling her duty of feeding “the hungry children.”

Invitation for Writing & Reflection: Over the next few days, stay present to the possibility of bringing wonder to even the plainest of tasks, and to these cold days as we head into winter. How can you bring a sense of the miraculous to what you’ve always thought of as ordinary, finding your own “moment of marvel” in the midst of the everyday?