“One Beating Heart”

Only Love

by James Crews

Only love is big enough to hold all the pain of this world.
—Sharon Salzberg

And so I imagine the entire earth
as one beating heart held in the space
of this universe, inside a larger body 
we can’t fathom, filling with enough
love to lead each of us out of the cave
of our personal pain and into the light—
enough love to lead all humans as one
out of collective fear, rage, and hate
into a place of peace that is found only
within our own hearts, beating in sync
with the pulse of this planet we were 
born to inhabit, despite the daily storms 
which overtake us and make us forget 
we are the lifeblood pumped into these 
veins, every particle of love we generate 
running into rivers, lakes, and creeks, 
evaporating into the air we breathe, 
give back, and breathe again.

From The Path to Kindness: Poems of Connection & Joy.
Storey Publishing, 2022. 
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